Products for your animals

In clinic, we keep an inventory of foods generally approved by the veterinarians, and of therapeutic foods often recommended for our patient with special needs. These therapeutic foods will be recommended for your pet if it has a certain chronic medical disorder (for example, chronic kidney disease) or if it has a disease that requires a special balance of nutrients (for example, gastro-enteritis or pancreatitis).

There is a wide variety of products that we have in inventory, but many others as well that we can have special ordered and receive within the following week.

Other than food, you can also purchase different articular supplements, ear cleaning solution and product for oral hygiene of cats and dogs. 

It is always possible for you to call us to have a certain product put aside under your name so that it is ready once you come to the clinic. This way you don’t have to come to the clinic for nothing if we are out of the product, and it allows us time to have it specially ordered for you. 

A new alternative is now to subscribe to our online boutique. After registering yourself on the online boutique, it will be possible for you to order your cat/dog food or accessories and have them delivered at the clinic or at your door (no extra fees if the order is of more than 100$ before taxes). Please call us before subscribing so we can better direct you: