Covid – Update Febuary 8th 2021

As the government gradually eases some of its measures, it remains essential to be careful in our movements and contacts with others. As a certain routine is setting in and our activities resume, we continue to review our sanitary measures daily and will not hesitate to tighten them up if the flow of people indoors becomes difficult to control. We are working harder than ever to maintain access to medical care for your pets and therefor ask for your cooperation in respecting the measures in place.

-          We are continuing to prioritise more urgent cases

-          We are still doing routine appointments, vaccinations and elective surgeries, but we now have a few months of waiting time to have an appointment. The restrictions imposed last spring and our care to patients urgently ill are responsible for this delay

-          We have reopened the doors to our consult rooms to allow owners to be present with their pets. ONLY ONE PERSON is allowed to accompany the animal and must remained seated in the indicated chair behind the Plexiglas for the whole time of the consultation. Let us handle and restrain your animal to avoid a breach in distancing

-       We continue to ask that you favor payment by credit card or tap. It remains possible to pay with cash if needed.

-       It remains possible to enter the clinic to acquire food or medication, but it is very important that a MAXIMUM of one person per household enter the clinic.

-          You may continue to ask for medication renewal by email at . It is important to specify you name, phone number, the name of your pet, the medication needed and the amount. Allow a delay of 2 business days to receive a call with further instructions

It remains more important than ever to let us know if you have cold symptoms, if you are quarantined, or if you received a Covid-19 diagnosis. This will allow us to take adequate measures in order to safely address your pet.

Lets keep washing our hands. Keep maintaining our distances. Staying home. Coughing in our elbows… it is collectively that we will overcome this crisis and meet again on the other side… perhaps a little changed, but certainly grown. #wewillgetthroughthis #togethereachathome