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The Clinique vétérinaire des Vallées was founded in 2004 to offer quality health services to the cat and dog owners of the Outaouais region. Our goal is first and foremost to help pet owners maintain their furry companions healthy, so they can benefit of a long and carefree life. A relationship of trust between the caregiving staff, the pet owners and the pets is of outmost importance to us. We take great pride in offering comprehension and empathy in those hard times pets and owners sometimes go through. 

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Success stories Great stories from our clinic

« Meet Jake, a feisty yet adorable little poodle of 8 years of age. At the time of his last physical exam, his owner reported a growing mass on the inside of his left thigh. In this case, it was easy to identify the source of the problem, without any further testing: he had a cryptorchidic testis that had developed into a tumor. Unfortunately for Jake, a misplaced testis is at much higher risk of becoming a tumor than one that is correctly located in the scrotum. But thankfully for him though, testicular tumors rarely evolve into generalised cancer. However, the risk of cancer still being present, the recommendation was still to remove the misplaced testis (and so the tumor), and to neuter Jake. The surgery went well and now Jake has recovered to live many more beautiful years. »

- Jake, 8 years old

« Here is Lady ! This curious little girl has one too many tricks to get into things she shouldn’t. Lady was presented to us after her owner found an empty reel of sewing thread once she came home from work… with about twenty spots of vomit! After a thorough examination of Lady’s mouth, we noted that a piece of thread was lodged under her tongue and was dangling into her throat. Actually, it kept going into all of her digestive track, dangerously damaging it. She needed surgery and fast to remove all that thread and make sure her stomach and intestines were not too damaged. It took Lady a few days to recuperate, but thanks to her owner’s vigilance and quick reaction, this misadventure is now a thing of the past! »

- Lady, 8 years old

« Porto is a 6 years old Munsterlander that had been adopted only shortly before being presented at our clinic. Since his adoption, Porto had episodes of lethargy, diarrhea and loss of appetite. When he arrived at the clinic, he was so lethargic that he had to be hospitalised so we could keep a close eye on him and run tests to know what was going on. We were able to diagnose Porto’s disease, which is called hypoadrenocorticism or Addison’s disease. Another name for this condition is the ‘’the great imitator’’, because the symptoms of this condition are often very vague and can look like many diseases all at once. Following a 3 day stay with us to stabilize him, Porto was discharged to go back home with a medication he will have to take for life. Indeed, Porto’s owner must give him daily medication and keep a close eye on him to limit the chances of him relapsing into a disease that could be fatal to him. With this medication now, Porto is doing well and has more energy than ever! »

- Porto, 6 years old

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