For many years now, the clinic has owned numeric x-ray equipment. This equipment allows us to take x-ray and analyse them much faster and more precisely than with the old method of developing images on film.

ImageryWhether it is to evaluate the thorax of a cat with heart troubles or the abdomen of a dog that has eaten a plastic ball, this service is available on site and we have rapid access to the images. Interpreting x-ray can be complicated sometimes, depending on the situation, and so we also have the possibility of having our x-rays interpreted by a specialist in imagery thanks to modern technology. 
Medical imagery also includes ultrasound. Although we are not specialists in imagery, our ultrasound machine does allow us to make certain diagnosis of the lower urinary track system, to evaluate if a patient has a loss of fluids in its abdomen, to determine if a female has foetuses in her uterus, etc. In is an instrument that has become indispensable in some of our medical cases! For cases needing advanced imaging, like a cardiac or a full abdominal ultrasound we refer in different specialised centers.