How to clean my dog’s ears?

1. It’s easier when we team up!

2. While someone tries to keep doggie in place, grasp the tip of the ear with one hand, holding the bottle of cleaner in the other hand.

3. Poor the ear cleaning solution recommended by your veterinarian or vet-tech on your last visit, into the ear. Fill the ear until it overflows. 

4. Try to avoid contact between the tip of the bottle and the inside of the ear to avoid causing any unnecessary pain. 

5. Massage the ear by pressing on the cartilage portion of the basis of the ear, for 30 to 60 seconds. If the massage is done right, you should hear a suction noise.

6. Wipe the excess liquid with a dry cloth and let your dog shake it off!

7. Wipe any debris that were projected out of the ear with the same cloth.

8. Clean the ears according to the frequency recommended by your veterinarian! The usual frequency for a dog that has no particular ear issues is about once a week.

Don’t forget to reward you dog with treats and cuddles after the cleaning!

Important notes:

* If a medication needs to be applied into the ear, wait at least 15 minutes after the cleaning before doing so.

** Never put a cotton swab in your dog’s ear. Not only can it cause pain, this could also push the debris farther into the ear canal.