Medical care

The field of medicine is a vast one!  It includes many sub-categories: 

  • Dermatology (ex. skin infections, allergies, external parasites, ear infections …)
  • Neurology (ex. epilepsy, intervertebral disc diseases, vestibulary syndrome, …)
  • Internal medicine and endocrinology (ex. diabetes, urinary tract diseases, Cushing’s disease, …) 
  • Oncology (ex. medical care for different cancers, cutaneous and subcutaneous mass diagnosis, …) 
  • Ophthalmology (ex. glaucoma, corneal ulcers, conjunctivitis…)
  • Emergency (ex. physical traumas, intoxications, heatstrokes…)
  • Dental examinations

Medical CareIn this field, we help your ill pets by diagnosing and treating their condition(s). The diagnosis is often the hardest part of the process. Blood work, x-rays, ophthalmological testing, skin scrapings; the answers to these tests will allow the veterinarian to establish the right treatment plan for your pet.

Sometimes, a behavioral change in your pet’s habits may seem harmless to you, but may greatly help your veterinarian find out what is going on and make the right diagnosis. Therefore, it is important to provide a good history of the ongoing problem while visiting the veterinarian, in order to allow him/her to lead their suspicions in the right direction.

Some diseases require treatment and long-term follow-ups. In these situations, reassessments or control blood work may be needed during the year to stabilise your animal’s condition and offer it the best quality of life possible. The bond of trust between you and your veterinarian is essential in these situations in order to communicate your worries and questions, to allow him/her to meet your expectations and help your pet maintain a good quality of life at all time.