Boarding you dog? Think ahead: Kennel cough vaccination


  It seems like yesterday the leaves were just starting to fall 26047289_2239013482791654_6572386172424804814_n.jpgout the threes, and now it is December. Snow has covered the ground and Christmas decorations are glowing all over the neighborhood. There is a little something magic in the air, getting stronger as December 25th is just around the corner. Through the excitement of the holidays we make plans for parties, diners, brunches, maybe even a week-end getaway. Gifts, food, packing… Have you thought of everything? Oh right! Let’s not forget to book a place at the kennel for Fluffy during our getaway. Really, you have thought of everything! You are on top of your game…until you arrive at the kennel and realise, Fluffy isn’t vaccinated. His access to the kennel is denied because he risks contracting a disease or could be a healthy carrier of one and transmit it to others. You begin to panic! Your plans for the holidays are ruined, unless you find a dog-sitter willing to keep Fluffy at home. But on such short notice, this might be hard to find! Don’t get caught last minute like this. Plan ahead and call your veterinary clinic a few weeks in advance to ask about your pet’s vaccination status. Usually, to be kept in a kennel, the core and rabies vaccination are not enough for your dog. It must also receive protection against Kennel Cough. If you can’t find your proof of vaccination, it might be a good idea to ask the staff at your clinic to prepare a new vaccination certificate, since you will have to show them at the kennel before letting your dog there. 

     If your dog is not yet vaccinated, when should it be done? Although the intranasal Kennel Couch vaccination can be effective faster because it is administered locally, we still recommend having the vaccination completed at least a week prior to the boarding to insure maximal efficacy of the vaccine.  

     If a kennel does not ask for your pet’s proof of vaccination, don’t consider yourself lucky…  A conscientious business owner will see to limit as much as possible the chances of his boarders developing a bacterial or viral infection following its stay. Even if your pet is vaccinated, it might be a place to avoid. 

     It is also important to understand that vaccines, even though they are an excellent protection, are not bullet proof. A vaccinated dog can still catch Kennel Cough, but the episode will most likely be much less intense and of shorter duration since you dog already has the immunity to fight it off. Keep in mind that there are also other respiratory micro-organisms that exist, against which there are currently no vaccination available. This is similar to humans that can still catch a cold or the flue even if they are vaccinated. Therefore, it is not impossible for your dog to exhibit symptoms of cough following it’s boarding, vaccinated of not. 

     To make your festivities a success and limit unnecessary stress, think ahead and gives us a call to talk about your pet’s vaccination status. We will be happy do advise you according to your situation. With all our heart, we wish you Happy Holidays!