We are very happy to offer an in-house laboratory service to our clients!

This allows us, amongst other things, to perform pre-anesthesia blood work on the morning of surgical procedures, as well as more elaborate blood work for our sick patients.

We also have specific tests for specific diseases that are available in-house, such as parvovirus, heart worm disease and feline AIDS or leukemia, which are very useful to quickly diagnose these life-threatening diseases for our pets. In some cases, more elaborate tests are needed in order to diagnose a condition. The samples can then be sent to out to an external laboratory and the results are sent back to us in a matter of days/weeks. 


Our laboratory also includes a microscope which allows us to analyse stool samples, urine, ear swabs, skin scrapings, etc. It is a very practical tool if your fury friend suffers of an ear, skin or bladder infection. When analysing a stool specimen, we can find microscopic eggs even when there are no parasite visible to the eye in the stool. 

Our clinic is also equipped with tools to evaluate the integrity of all the components of the eyes:

  • measurement of tear production (Schirmer test);
  • coloration to detect corneal defects (Fluoresceine);
  • tonometer to determine the intra-ocular eye pressure;
  • etc.

This precise material allows us to rapidly diagnose many conditions that may affect your dogs and cats eyes.